Updates V2

New updates has been added to server, to play, run Updates.exe or download mannual patch HERE and extrat over old game client!

[FIX] Added invisiblity option, 3 seconds when entering game
[FIX] Punish PVE = 2mil dmg Punish PVP = 100'000 damage (might be chnaged with more tests)
[FIX] Quest system rewards edited, now can earn ruud boxes
[FIX] Improved Offline Leveling system by support of buff items
[FIX] Certain skills configuration in MuHelper does not work during Offline Leveling
[FIX] HP status is not updated after use of Berserker or Darkness skills
[FIX] SeasonPass mission reset does not work resulting in visual issues

Reduced acumulated donation coins, to reach certain VIP levels
Fixed VIP Cheerleader ring and VIP Baseball player ring!


Published by Admin 18/10/2023